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All the modern medicines and surgeries, no matter how good they give you the results, also bring side effects. It is known that pills that stimulate the sex can have side effects on brain and can cause depression. Surgeries can have hazardous effects as surgery to treat erectile dysfunction, if performed wrongly or by non-experienced surgeon, can end up into structural damage of the male organ and can permanently damage the penis. Therefore, it is now no more secret that out of all the therapies, herbal therapy is the best. It offers good results with possibly no unwanted, harmful and side effects.

Vigomax Forte is said to correct erectile dysfunction by relaxing the cavernosal muscles naturally that in turn, results in increase in penile blood flow. Using vigomax forte regularly, one can get good and enough erection of the penis that will last long naturally.
The ingredients used in vigomax forte helps in erectile dysfunction and to certain extent, it also helps curing premature ejaculation. vigomax is also said to have properties to increase libido and to improve the sexual thoughts. It helps male to last long for foreplay and it can add new zeal to the sexual life.

A study was conducted for evaluating the clinical efficaciousness of vigomax forte in patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). The study had 45 persons with a history of erectile dysfunction and each person was given vigomax forte two tablets a day at night for about six weeks. All the people had follow-up for evaluating the effect of the product and to checkout any unwanted or harmful effects after the 2nd week and then every week for coming four weeks.

Among the 45 people participated in the research, 40 people completed the therapy and results showed that 32 persons (80 per cent) reported significant clinical improvement, 16 persons (40 per cent) were cured in three weeks and 12 persons (30 per cent) reported improvement in six weeks. Therefore, it was concluded that vigomax forte is helpful and safe in treating of people with erectile dysfunction.

Vigomax Forte (manufactured by charak pharma) is one of the most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction that has been time tested and trusted not only by millions of patients but also by innumerable sexologists, physicians, Ayurvedic doctors and holistic healers. The general recommended dosage of Vigomax forte is 1 tablet twice a day preferably with milk. However, it is better to consult your physician for appropriate dosage.

In a combination with the advent of advanced diagnostic systems, more and more of people have been diagnosed with treatable organic causes of erectile dysfunction. At present, there are a multitude of remedy options discovered ranging from oral to inject-able medicines and various surgical options. A thorough study of penile physiology as well as latest diagnostic and treatment options is important for proper understanding and treatment of people suffering from ED. According to survey, at present, there are 20-30 million American men infertile, with projection of approximately 47 million by the year of 2020! Alas! Majority of such cases are due to erectile dysfunction.

Treatment options for ED - Erectile Dysfunction Herbal

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Vacuum device works by manually creating erection of the penis. The organ is inserted into a tube generally made up of soft plastic that is pressed against the body forming a seal and then, there is a hand pump attached to the tube which is there for creating a vacuum which can draw the blood into the male organ that ultimately causes the male organ to become engorged and then, after a couple of minutes in the vacuum, there is enough erection to have sexual intercourse.

The penis is taken off from the tube. A soft rubber O-ring is then worn around the base of the male organ that traps blood and maintains the erection unless removed. The ring is generally left there for approximately 20 minutes to half an hour. Vacuum device works best in men who are capable achieving partial erections. The device is easy to use at home, requires no other technique and typically improves erections no matter any cause of impotence. Some men report numbness feeling after putting the O-ring. Erection could be somewhat floppy as the organ is flaccid between the ring and rest of its body.

Another option is using oral medications. They have been used treating erectile dysfunction in modern medicine; such pills include enzyme inhibitors like Vardenafil, Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Yohimbine. In some cases, even vascular surgery is advised as non-drug option for this problem. Surgery is done for restoring blood flow to the penile structure in case the vasculature (blood vessels) within the organ is compromised. Such kind of surgeries is now not practiced since recent years because of its possible risks of infection linked with such invasive surgery and also structural damage if the surgery is not performed well.

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